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Pro Pak

SCI's Pro-Pak System is the result of a ground-up reinvention of packaging. It was designed to save time, money, and warehouse space. Every item we ship comes in color-coded cubes with wraparound barcode labels that include all the information you need to receive, stock, and ship faster and with higher accuracy. 


Sharpe Products

Sharpe products combine critical engineering, quality management , and testing in the US plus actuation services for multipurpose valves. Sharpe's renowned engineered valves can now be supplied "off the shelf",  and at the same time many multipurpose valves can be fitted with actuation systems and process control integration.


Stainless Steel

We make stainless painless. We stock this complex product group thoroughly, including a full line of sanitary, low, and high pressure fittings along with the pipe, tube, and valves you need - all available on a single order. 


Grooved Products

You'll find the SCI logo stamped into all the COOPLOK® grooved products we offer. This is your assurance of the highest quality standards throughout our tremendous grooved inventory. From 1" through 24," painted, or hot dipped galvanized, we can ship couplings, fittings and valves all on one pallet. SCI products will perform for your customers in the most demanding environments.


General Service Valves

Our customers demand a broad range of valves to satisfy their customers' requirements in a timely fashion. That's why we stock ball, gate, globe, check, butterfly, needle valves, and more. Each is stamped with the SCI trademark, your assurance of quality, traceable to the source.


The SCI Warehouse

Our warehouse is your warehouse. Over a quarter of a million square feet of inventory, digitally-controlled, and expertly managed, allows us to ship same day, with a near-perfect fill rate. Our systems track your order from our distribution centers to your warehouse, and our bills of lading are designed to result in a quicker, easier, and more accurate receiving process.


Latest News
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Price Increase September 3, 2019 Section 301 Tariff List 4 Price Increase
SCI and Anvil International Merger Smith-Cooper International and Anvil International complete merger
Price Increase June 3, 2019 Section 301 Tariff Phase 2
Price Increase Postponement Section 301 Tariff Phase 2 increase for January 1, 2019 postponed
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  • Industrial PVF

    SCI strives to be the most respected vendor of Industrial PVF solutions; which is why, with our extensive lines of fittings and nipples, along with our Sharpe engineered products, you can be sure to find the product you need.


  • Commercial

    Our commercial line has everything you need to get the project from the planning stage to completion. Our grooved products, valves, fittings and nipples can be counted on.


  • Fire Protection

    As a one stop shop for your fire protection products, we have what you need to insure the job meets all the regulatory requirements. Our grooved products, along with our fitting and nipple lines give you the tools you need to get your job done right.


  • Sanitary

    We are unique that we stock a full line of sanitary products including valves, fittings, flanges, and tubing. Along with having a staff that has the expertise to help insure you get the right product the first time.


  • Mechanical

    Our products are constantly trusted to work in some of the most difficult applications. From our fittings, nipples, valves and grooved products, to anything else we sell, we are committed to providing only the highest quality products to keep you from running into problems.
  • Oil Patch

    When working in high pressure and dangerous environments you need to be sure your products are of the quality that will keep the job site safe. SCI Branded fittings and pipe nipples coupled with Sharpe valves will do that and then some.
  • Waterworks

    We carry a full line of AWWA valves and flanged fittings that allow us to supply you with the highest quality products for your job site.
  • Residential

    With our lines of low pressure valves and fittings we have all the products you need for residential projects. Along with our growing line of Lead Free products you can order the product you need regardless of code restrictions.